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Christian Sjøgreen

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About Me

My name is Christian. I was born in Denmark where I still live.

I was first introduced to programming just before high school when I signed up for an evening course on the subject.

Since then I have slowly gained proficiency but held other non-programming jobs. I continually built my programming skills through college and on my own. At some point during my Masters program, I decided that I could learn more about programming in the real world and started working as a programmer.

If you or your company are looking for someone with the technical skills to turn your vision into reality, look no further! It would be my pleasure to take part in your project either as part of a development team or on my own.

Contact me right away and let us get started!

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Latest Projects

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ICURA - Rehabilitation at home

In this public/private coorporation between ICURA and a number of Danish municipalities, I was employed as the lead Android developer. I created a number of prototypes and finally created the Android app, now known as Icura Trainer.

However, Icura Trainer is much more than just an Android app. Much of the value comes not from my code, but from the proprietary sensors, the exercise rendering engine and the online dashboard for Therapists.

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Work Experience

Android Developer - YOKE (2014 - 2015)

Contractor. Project for National Aquarium of Denmark. Worked with iBeacons, databases, data transfer, mini-game development.

Android Lead - ICURA (2012 - 2014)

Employed. From prototyping to live product. Worked with Bluetooth data streams, Unity integration, databases, online/offline data synchronization, chat system.